A collection of all ACDS related and published articles, journals and newsletters

Below is an archive of the various research outputs such as working papers, articles and research reports produced by the ACDS.


Journal Articles

  • Nemakonde, L. D. & Van Niekerk, D.  An analytical framework for integrating parallel structures for disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation.
  • Nemakonde, L.D.  & Van Niekerk, D.  A normative model for integrating organisations for disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation within SADC member states.  Disaster Prevention and Management, 26(3):361-376.

Book chapters

  • Van Niekerk, D. & Nemakonde, L.D.  Natural hazard governance: practices and key natural hazards in sub-Saharan Africa.
  • Van Niekerk, D., Nemakonde, L.D., Kruger, L. & Genade, K.  Community-based disaster risk management.
  • Nemakonde, L.D., Van Niekerk, D. & Wentink, G.J.  National and sub-national level doing disaster risk reduction including climate change adaptation.