Please see the programme below for the Centenary celebrations.

Please note that this programme is preliminary, and will be adapted as soon as the activities and venues are finalised.

 Botany Centenary Preliminary Programme 2020






 7 to 10

 Unit of Environmental Management sponsored 7 students to attend the 46th SAAB ANNUAL   CONFERENCE on the  UFS QWAQWA CAMPUS Dr Jacques Berner accompanied them




 Corporate gifts for first year Botany students on PC and MC; sponsored by Rene Vermeulen   from marketing and student recruitment

 Sponsored by Warren Makgowe director   of stakeholders relations helped by Rene   Vermeulen



 Bring you girl to work visit from schools

 Zelda Friesling from Potchefstroom   Science Centre


 16 to 17

 Herald page: Prof Sarel Cilliers - History of Botany and Prof Sanet Janse van Vuuren -   centenary programme




 Academic lecture by Ad vivendum; Chris van Niekerk talks about Botanical gardens and Prof   Sandra Barnard about careers in Botany

 17:00 in the Botanical garden NWU   Potchefstroom



 Colloquium:   Dr Theunis Morgenthal



 15 to 20

 Herald page: Research (Prof. Klaus Kellner) and  careers




 Bingo - student action




 Volleyball action - students Dr Berner and Advivendum



 19 to 24

 Herald page: Research (Prof. Sarel Cilliers) and  careers




 SANBI workshop Botanical art. Organizers Proffs Barnard and Taylor



 17 to 21

 Herald page: Research ( Prof Sanet Janse van Vuuren, Prof Jonathan Taylor and Dr Anatoliy   Levanets) and  careers




 Open day with photo booth (students)




 Mothersday: Dr Frances Siebert gives desert roses to different old age homes




 Colloquium:   Dr. H Ewerts



 14  to 19

 Herald page: Research (Prof Sandra Barnard) and  careers



 21 to 25

 SASAqS 2020: Southern African Society of Aquatic Scientist conference hosted by Water   reseach group NWU PC



 19 to 24

 Herald page: Research (Prof Jacques Berner) and  careers




 Colloquium: Dr A Swanepoel



 16 to 21

 Herald page: Research (Dr Frances Siebert) and possible careers



 20 to 25

 Herald page: Botanical garden: Curator: Mr Chris van Niekerk




 Colloquium: Pieter Smit or Shalene Janse v Rensburg




 Herald booklet about Botany




 Tree route on PC and MC + treasure hunt (student action)




 Planting trees in Botanical garden and schools




 Morning: Webinar arranged by Prof. Klaus Kellner




 Evening: Gala function at Dampad Mess Hall including the presentation of bursary for Post   graduate student for 2021 and prize winner of Botanical Art Competition