The Planning Student Association, better known as the PSA, is an academic student association consisting of students, for the students. The PSA was established in 2003, in reaction to a great need for students to be independent of Ad Vivendum, another student association on campus. In 2006, the PSA officially became an ASA (Academic Student Association) that was actively involved within the Urban and Regional Planning department as well as the NWU Potchefstroom Campus. The PSA is the link between all of the Urban and Regional Planning students and lecturers, which have both of their best interests at heart. The PSA is also seen as the middle man, which tries to solve any problems and irregularities as soon as possible. This student association provides for the students’ social and academic needs; and also sees that there is integration between the different year groups. The PSA is actively involved in the community and have regular SRCS (Student RAG Community Service) socials, where we give back to the community in different ways. To be part of the PSA, you have to study Urban and Regional Planning, maintain an index point (worked out according to academic achievement) above 65% and be involved in the department. After that, interviews are held and only 8 students are chosen to serve on the committee. We aim to be an example of leadership and professionalism, peculiar to the Planning profession, in the student community.