Catalysis and Synthesis Research Group: Research Focus

Base-metal catalysis for fine-chemical synthesis and energy applications

Our efforts in this sub-program is focused on the development of catalytic processes with application in synthesis and energy:

Base-metal catalysis for organic transformations and energy – In this thrust we develop catalyst systems derived from earth-abundant metals such as iron, manganese, copper and nickel. Transformations which are investigated include alkane and alcohol oxidation, the hydrogenation of unsaturated organic compounds, with particular emphasis on carbon dioxide hydrogenation as well as chemical and electrochemical water splitting. Products of catalysis find varied application in the fine-chemical and agrochemical industries, as well as in the environmentally relevant area of carbon dioxide utilisation and alternative fuel synthesis. In our approach we employ modern organic and organometallic synthesis techniques, develop novel reactivity patterns and aim to establish a thorough mechanistic understanding of the process.

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