The CEM aspires to be the leading and a respected university-based centre for environmental management and law, sustainability and related fields in South Africa.

The CEM is driven by the quest for excellence and the desire to take the lead in:

  • generating and disseminating cutting-edge knowledge relating to environmental management and law;
  • finding innovative solutions for environmental management, law and sustainability challenges;
  • delivering leading-edge, fit-for-purpose and approved teaching and learning and skills transfer programmes;
  • mentoring, coaching and fast-tracking candidate environmental management professionals;
  • being the service provider of choice; and
  • being respected locally, regionally and internationally for its leadership role as a catalyst for change towards a more sustainable, future.



The CEM’s mission is:

  • to be a quality-driven, balanced, innovative and commercially-orientated service provider in the fields of:
  • knowledge generation;
  • teaching and learning, and
  • academically-driven problem solving in environmental management, law and sustainability.
  • to establish and foster sustainable working relationships with:
  • colleagues of the North-West University; and
  • respected national, regional and international leaders in environmental management, law and related fields.
  • to identify and unlock prospects, whilst exceeding expectations in the quest for continually improving the way we work and engage with others;
  • to sustainably grow our:
  • fields of expertise;
  • skills base and acumen;
  • human and other asset value; and
  • reach and impact;
  • to be the service provider of choice to the private and public sectors;
  • to effectively, efficiently and responsibly manage our processes in line with all applicable requirements.