Andrew Swarts obtained his Ph.D. in 2013 from Stellenbosch University, working with Prof Selwyn Mapolie in the area of homogeneous catalysis. He moved to North-West University (NWU) in 2014, where he is currently employed as Senior Lecturer. Since his move to NWU, he has established a research niche within the Catalysis and Synthesis Research Group focused on benign catalytic transformations.

Current research interests are focussed on the development of efficient catalytic processes for the transformation of methane and carbon dioxide, which can be performed at low temperatures and at ambient pressures, employing earth-abundant metals as catalysts or catalyst precursors. In addition, we aim to develop water oxidation catalysts, which have application in the energy sector, since this field of research has huge potential in the production of hydrogen as energy source. He serves as national committee member of the Catalysis Society of South Africa (since 2018) and Group Leader of the Catalysis and Synthesis Research Group (since 2018).