School of Computer, Statistical and Mathematical Sciences

The School of Computer, Statistical and Mathematical Sciences consists of three subject groups within the Faculty of Natural Sciences at the NWU's Potchefstroom Campus:

In compiling the curricula for the various programmes offered within this school, the Faculty of Natural Sciences has also considered possible occupations and the need of our country for human resources. Furthermore these programmes prepare the student for postgraduate studies (Hons BSc and/or M.Sc.) in Computer Science, Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, and Statistics.  Our undergraduate IT degree is compiled so that is in line with the recommendations in view of registration with the South African Council for Natural Scientific Professions (SACNASP).  Our programmes in Mathematics and Statistics offer the student the opportunity to specialise in the field of Business Informatics for post graduate study.  If your intended study with us include Mathematics and/or Applied Mathematics, our Mathematics Refresher Course is mandatory to determine your mathematical level. 


The purpose of the qualification is to:

  • Provide South Africa with graduates who have specific and relevant theoretical knowledge and practical skills in Statistics, Mathematics and Information technology. This will contribute to broadening the leadership base through well-qualified citizens for innovative and knowledge-based contributions to economic and other supporting activities for the country and its people;
  • Equip graduates with grade-level expertise and applied skills in the field of Information Technology (Computer Science and Information Systems); and
  • Enable graduates to enter the labour market as entrepreneurs or as employees of organisations at national and international level.