This course is compulsory for all students that are enrolled for WISN111

All bona fide first year students enrolled for programs/curriculums which include the module(s) WISN111 and/or MATE111 must attend the refresher course. This implies that all Engineering and BMI students, the specific BSc, BCom and BA students enrolled for the module WISN111, and BEd students with Education Mathematics as a mayor subject, have to attend the course.  This refresher course will help to:

  • Bridge the gap between Grade 12-level mathematics and university-level mathematics; and
  • With the help of the Survival Guide Workbook, you will gain/refresh knowledge of basic mathematical ideas/concepts

What is the motivation for the refresher course?

The NWU's lecturers are continually attempting to improve their service to students. During recent years, students have experienced escalating problems with the transition from school to university, especially when it comes to Mathematics. The School for Computer, Statistical and Mathematical Sciences thus decided that from 2011, the refresher course in mathematics will be compulsory for all main stream mathematics students.

Click on the files below to download the information that you will require:

Math Review Manual

Math Refresher Notes and Workbook

Math Refresher Information

Math Refresher Information (first year students)