The North-West University (NWU) will host various National Science Week (NSW) activities in Potchefstroom from 30 July to 4 August 2018.

Monday, 30 July 2018

08:30–10:00: The launch of NSW 2018 

  • Venue: Totius Hall, Building F6 (NWU, Potchefstroom)
  • Open to the public

10:00–15:00: Animals that impact health

  • Venue: Zoology, Building E8 (NWU, Potchefstroom)
  • Invitation only

10:00–15:00: Hydrogen demonstration

  • Venue: Microbiology, Building E8 (NWU, Potchefstroom)
  • Learners will be entertained with hydrogen demonstration with models and smart media
  • Learners will be shown how to prepare and Gram stain a smear and view it under a microscope
  • Invitation only

Tuesday, 31 July 2018

09:00–12:00: Bridge-building competition at school

  • Venue: President Primary School, Potchefstroom
  • Young learners have to work together in groups to come up with innovative ideas and designs that can be practically utilised
  • Invitation only

10:00–13:00: Using mobile technology to create a virtual museum and using loT to care for your plants

  • Venue: Science Centre, Building F24 (NWU, Potchefstroom)
  • Understanding mobile virtual reality and game development
  • Invitation only

Wednesday, 1 August 2018

10:00–13:00: Visit to Science Centre exhibits and tour of Botanical Garden

  • Venue: Science Centre, Building F24 (NWU, Potchefstroom)
  • Hands-on exhibits in Science Centre – popularise STEM to the elderly, enriching their minds
  • Discover medicinal plants in Botanical Garden – improve the lives of people
  • Invitation only

Thursday, 2 August 2018

09:00–14:00: Presentations and demonstrations of health and safety programmes through democracy

  • Venue: Govan Mbeki Hall, Phudu Street, opposite Ikageng Stadium, Ikageng, Potchefstroom
  • Nurses, police officials, waste management officials and firefighters will present modern society models and methods to innovate and improve the lives of community members and young people
  • RSVP to attend

Friday, 3 August 2018

09:00–12:00: Mathematics in action for Grade 8–11 learners

Saturday, 4 August 2018

09:00–13:00 Mathematics Symposium for educators

  • Venue: Science Centre, Building F24 (NWU, Potchefstroom)
  • Integrating Geo Gebra in teaching mathematics
  • Dynamic teaching of algebra and geometry
  • RSVP to attend

09:00–15:00: Chemistry demonstrations

  • Venue: Mooirivier Mall, Potchefstroom
  • Mixing of different reagents to produce chemical reactions involving colour and physical changes in a safe, controlled environment with no potentially harmful consequences

All are welcome. No entry fee will be charged. 

Download the full programme

Contact Zelda Friesling (018 299 4239) for more information.