The research focus area TELIT-SA focusses on the theory and practice of learning technologies across many areas in Higher Education (HE).  The theory for practice, embedded in critical theory, provides a dedicated focus on the practice of technology-enhanced learning (TEL) across an array of disciplines. 

TELIT-SA consist of North-West University researchers and students actively engaged in research on the use of TEL across schools, faculties and campuses.  


TELIT-SA supports three discrete, but interrelating sub-programmes:


sub-programme 1


sub-programme 2


sub-programme 3

TELIT-SA sub-programmes (SP)

Designing and developing of higher education (HE) and training technological artefacts mindful of educational theory and practice and human-computer interaction (HCI) principles. 

These artefacts are in support of university modules for HE and health care training programmes (SP1)

Using and reflecting on technology for innovative discipline-based HE and training (SP2)

An institutional perspective on using and evaluating technology for learning in HE, training, and industry (SP3)




TELIT-SA Liaison:  Ms Noory Yusuf