The research focus area TELIT-SA focusses on theory and practice of learning technologies across an array of disciplines in Higher Education (HE).  The theory for practice, embedded in critical theory, provides a dedicated focus on the practice of technology-enhanced learning (TEL) across an array of disciplines. 


TELIT-SA supports three discrete, but interrelating sub-programmes:

  • Designing and developing of higher education (HE) and training technological artefacts mindful of educational theory and practice and human-computer interaction (HCI) principles.  These artefacts are in support of university modules for HE and health care training programmes (SP1)

  • Using and reflecting on technology for innovative discipline-based HE and training (SP2)

  • An institutional perspective on using and evaluating technology for learning in HE, training, and industry (SP3).


TELIT-SA consist of North-West University researchers and students actively engaged in research on the use of TEL across schools, faculties and campuses.  Its primary home is in the Faculty of Economic Sciences and IT on the Vaal Triangle Campus of the NWU.

TELIT-SA Liaison Officer


Noory Yusuf
Office: Building 8, G02
Tel: (016) 910 3219