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The first aim of this entity is to provide a research home for all scholars to hang their research hats relating to TEL.  The administrative home of TELIT-SA is in the Faculty of Natural and Agricultural Sciences at the Vanderbijlpark, NWU.  TELIT-SA does not operate exclusively in this context, but also encompasses participants from other faculties, as well as from the centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL). 

Robotics GEAR, Apps Factory and the Serious Games Institute of South Africa: SGI-SA situated in Vanderbijlpark also calls TELIT-SA their home.

The intention of TELIT-SA is not to be an exclusive research entity in the Vanderbijlpark region; we welcome the participation of many other scholars from all disciplines and across the NWU.  As we become more renowned, we assume that more scholars from the Mafikeng and Potchefstroom sites will become involved in this research entity.  Even in these early stages, there are indications of successful interaction and joint publications with other research entities.