Daniella Kristensen

  Ms Daniella Kristensen is a research intern for the Climatology Research Group at North-West University for 2021. She completed her undergraduate degree at Monash University in Geographical and Environmental Studies, then moved onto Wits University to complete her BSc (Hons) degree in Geography. Her research was focused on spatial variations in carbon storage across the uMhlanga Lagoon in KwaZulu-Natal. Currently, in her role as a research intern, she is mainly working with air quality instruments and data for a few projects across South Africa. A smaller project she is currently assisting with is mapping of mine tailings across South Africa.



Victor Wepener

  Mr Victor Wepener is currently an academic intern at the North-West University, Climate Research
Group. He joined the group in 2020 as an honours student and continued working with the group in 2021 as an academic intern. He has taken active part in four research projects (Anglo_SA, LCS, Gauteng_Sourse_Apportionmet, Northam_Platinum) since starting in 2020. His responsibilities primarily consist of field/laboratory work with data analysis and interpretation. His research interest centres around the monitoring and identification of spatio-temporal variability in ambient air quality using ground-based technology.



Aneska Richter

  Ms Aneska Richter is a research intern in the Climate Research Group at the North West university, South Africa since the start of 2021. She holds a Honours degree in environmental science with geography and environmental management, with the intention of completing her masters degree in Air Quality. She volunteered in 2020 as a data sampler for ACAPS  which focuses on the humanitarian impacts of COVID - 19, specifically the West Africa region. With in field  and lab exposure for projects ( Worldbank,  Anglo SA and LCS-SA ) working with instruments and anaylsers from across the world. She is one of the main laboratory assistants performing duties for source apportionment research, gaining new experience and skills on a daily basis. She was also selected to represent the NWU and present her Honours research at the SSAG 2020 which focuses on waste characterisation and burning.



Gerhardt Botha

  Mr Gerhardt Botha is a research intern at the North-West University, Unit for Environmental Science and Management, Climatology Research Group. He started working at the CRG in November 2019 in his final year of undergraduate study in Geography and Environmental Management. He continued to work as a research assistant while completing his honours in 2020 and was appointed as a research intern in January 2021. He has a passion for remote sensing and earth observation technology and the application thereof in atmospheric sciences. Since 2019 he has contributed to several research projects (Nova/Anglo SA, LCS-SA, GJA..) and actively led the deployment of low-cost air quality sensors for certain air quality monitoring campaigns. He is currently enrolled for a masters degree in environmental science with a focus on weather radar, remote sensing and the application thereof in air quality management.