Mr Kobus van Aswegen
Building G3, room G21
+27 18 299 4394
M.Comm Computer Science and Information Systems
e-learning, mobile learning, learning approaches
Prof Estelle Taylor
Acting Director: School of Computer Science and Information Systems and Associate Professor
Building G3, room G06
+27 18 299 2540
Teaching and learning of Computer Science and Information Systems
Me Anne Mans
IT Manager
Building G3, room G20
+27 18 299 2538
BSc (Hons) Computer Sciences
Mr Henry Foulds
Building G3, basement
+27 18 299 2532
Image processing, Networking, IoT
Ms Annette van der Merwe
Building G3, room G18
+27 18 299 2541
MSc Computer Science and Information Systems
Decision support systems and operations research
Dr Trudie Benadé
Building G3, room G17
+27 18 299 2300
Computer Science and Education
Mrs Jeanne-Mari Maree
Administrative Assistant
Building G3, room G24 / FP Library, 3rd floor, room 315
+27 18 299 4393
Prof Hennie Kruger
Building G3, room G08
+27 18 299 2539
PhD, MCom (Information Systems), MSc (Mathematical Statistics), MPhil (Philosophy)
Mr Henri van Rensburg
Junior Lecturer
Building G3, room G26
+27 18 299 4275
BSc Hons in Computer Sciences and Information Systems
Mrs Susan Campher
Building G3, room G04
+27 18 299 4278
Business Intelligence, Machine learning and data analytics
Mr Dimitrius Keykaan
Information Technologist
Building G3, room G23
+27 18 299 2529
BA : Ethics, Philosophy and Computer Science
Staff and Post Graduate IT support in the School
Mrs Linda Redelinghuys
Temporary Lecturer
Building G3, room G02
+27 18 299 2531
MSc Information systems
Databases and Software Development Methodologies
Prof Tiny (JV) du Toit
Associate Professor
Building G3, room G07
+27 18 299 2548
Artificial Neural Networks
Prof Günther Drevin
Building G3, room G16
+27 18 299 4265
Image Processing and Document image processing
Prof Magda Huisman
Building G3, room G11
+27 18 299 2531
PhD in Computer Science
Ms Kobie Fourie
Subject group secretary
Building G3, room G01
+27 18 299 2531
Dr Lynette Drevin
Senior Lecturer
Building G3, room G09
+27 18 299 2534
DHE, DTE, MSc (NWU), PhD (England)
Information Security awareness, Information Systems failures, Project management
Mr Dirk Snyman
Building G3, room G03
+27 18 299 4359
M.A.; B.A. Language technology and computer science
Information Security and Computer Linguistics