Students perform at PARSA 2016

Prasa 2016
Christian Selbach             Roxanne Conradie        Natasha Kruger


The annual symposium of the Parasitological Association of Southern Africa (PARSA) symposium took place 28-31 Aug in Cape Town. The symposium was attended by 101 delegates. From North-West University a group of 14 including two lecturers, five post-docs, two doctoral students and five masters students attended. Our students did very well and took three of the five prizes namely: Best First Time Poster - Roxanne Conradie;

Best Senior Oral presentation – Natasha Kruger; and Best Veteran Oral Presenter – Chris Selbach. The topics of their presentations were:

Roxanne Conradie. Ultrastructural comparison of Hepatozoon ixoxo and Hepatozoon theileri (Adeleorina: Hepatozoidae), parasitising South African amphibians,

Natasha Kruger. Parasite introduction to the endangered Western Leopard Toad: Spill over or spill back?

Christian Selbach. Tarebia granifera: A successful invader free of parasite burdens and its implications for trematode transmission in the Lower Phongolo River and floodplain.