Strategic Aim & Mission
The vision is the attainment of excellence in market related spatial and development planning needs on a research and service rendering basis.
The mission is to promote sustainable planning, development and implementation within the public and private sector domains in terms of research output transfers, contract research and leadership. The Sub-programme focuses on capacity building, service delivery and training amongst all sectors of society.

Specific Focus
The following figures captures the specific focusses included within this sub-programme.


Research Groups
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Spatial Planning and Green Planning Research Group
- Prof Juaneé Cilliers, Prof Calie Schoeman & Prof Sarel Cilliers

Lively Cities Research Group
- Prof Juaneé Cilliers & Me Karen Puren

Spatial Planning and Community Development Research Group
- Prof Juaneé CilliersMe Selna Cornelius & Prof Calie Schoeman

Regional Policy Research Group
- Prof  Ernst Drewes

Transportation Planning Research Group
- Prof Calie SchoemanProf Stuart Piketh & Dr Roelof Burger

(African) Campus Planning Research Group
- Prof Juaneé Cilliers & Prof Calie Schoeman