About us

About the African Amphibian Conservation Research Group

Within the Afrotropical realm, South Africa is the eighth country in terms of the proportion of native species in a threatened category (nearly 18%). However, of the 118 species currently reported in the Red List for South Africa, 51 are endemics, of which 18 (35%) are in an IUCN threatened category. To this end, the African Amphibian Conservation Research Group (AACRG), North-West University, Potchefstroom was established in 2002 to address the deficiencies in conservation research of southern African amphibians in an effort to direct innovative research initiatives, often through international collaborative programs.


Key focus areas include:

  • Amphibian conservation

  • Citizen science

  • Urban ecology

  • Frog acoustics

  • Parasitology

  • Disease ecology

  • Host-associated microbiomes

  • Animal health standards