CRB - About Us

Welcome to the Focus Area for Chemical Resource Beneficiation

Located in a mineral-rich province, the CRB aims to enhance the sustainable value of South Africa's mineral and chemical resources, which includes both metal-based resources such as platinum group metals, and carbon-based resources such as petrochemicals. In alignment with the NWU Strategy, the CRB strives towards advancing research and innovation in science and technology, developing and transforming human capital, and promoting the growth and diversification of the South African economy by promoting the transition from a resource-driven to a product-driven economy.

Currently the CRB comprises of five Research Groups (subprograms)

  • Atmospheric Chemistry
  • Catalysis and Synthesis
  • Electrochemistry for Energy and the Environment
  • Hydrometallurgy
  • Laboratory of Applied Molecular Modelling

and two Research Support Services.

  • Laboratory for Analytical Services (LAS)
  • Laboratory for Electron Microscopy (LEM)