About Us

Welcome to the Eco-Analytica Laboratory - For Soil, Plant and Water analysis

Eco Analytica is equipped with modern facilities and operated by well-trained staff.  Our analyses are frequently subjected to quality control schemes from Wageningen and Agrilasa – results are available on request.  Heavy metals are analysed on the ICP-MS with the ability for quantifying specific heavy metal concentrations with accuracy (ppb ranges). Due to the constantly growing environmental problems in South Africa and worldwide, we regularly update the range of analytical techniques and equipment offered.  We are one of only a few well-established laboratories working in an international network to a high standard.

The types of analyses that the laboratory performs can be placed into six categories:

  1. 1:2 water extract analysis (analysing all water-soluble elements in soil)
  2. Ammonium acetate extract analysis (analysing the potentially available elements)
  3. Mechanical analysis (measuring the sand, silt and clay content of the soil)
  4. Water analysis (the same 17 elements that are being analysed on the 1:2 water extract are also analysed on water samples)
  5. Heavy metal analysis on plant, water and soil samples
  6. Assays of enzymatic activity in soil samples