About us


  • The vision is to become a multifaceted, prominent centre for IKS curriculum innovation, teaching, research and community engagement in indigenous knowledge systems.


  • The centre strives to play a critical role in contributing towards the sustainable community livelihoods through knowledge and products generated by unlocking the full potential of IKS and promoting the recognition, development, protection and affirmation of the role of IK in the global knowledge economy.


  • We are a centre that strives to facilitate the development of appropriate indigenous worldviews, methodologies, epistemologies, cosmologies in knowledge production and human capital development;
  • Create an IKS platform for effective collaboration in research, education in research and training, information brokerage, networking and service rendering;
  •  Develop a critical mass of IKS academics, scientists, researchers and innovators for promoting sustainable development;
  • Interface indigenous and modern scientific knowledge;  
  • Bridge the gap between the young and old generation.