About Instrument-making

"Whatever you can conceive, we can create."


Welcome to Instrument Making

The Instrument making department at the North-West University has been in existence since 1952, and since then we have grown from strength to strength.  The instrument-making department is classified as a specialised academical service.  They are responsible not only for their role the development of specialised scientific and mechanical equipment, but also boasts a scientific glassblowing facility.  They offer their expertise in design and manufacturing of research equipment.  Not only that, the instrument-making department also service and repair scales, microscopes and balance.

What makes us different?

Unlike the average machine shop or manufacturing facility, we set ourselves apart in that we do not limit what we do to specific disciplines and material.  We work with materials ranging from steel, engineering plastics, perspex, wood and ceramics, and a material called "wonder stone".  We can even bend perspex and poly carbonate.