Research & Innovation: Natural and Agricultural Sciences

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Research Chairs:

DST/NRF Research Chair in Astrophysics and Space Physics (SARChI)


Centre of Excellence

Centre for Space Research

CSR conducts observational and theoretical research in Astrophysics, Astronomy and Space Physics.


Research Units

Unit for Data Science and Computing

The UDSC focuses on applied research in the broad areas of financial risk management and telecommunications applications modelling and basic research in the mathematical, economical and computational sciences.

Unit for Environmental Sciences and Management

The UESM generates research that safeguards nature while promoting the social and economic development of the country’s people.


Research Focus Areas

Chemical Resource Beneficiation (CRB)

The CRB focuses on adding value to the SA national mineral and chemical resource base found in the North-West and Southern Gauteng provinces. 

Human Metabolomics

FHM researches and contributes valuable information to the studies of health issues that are of national and international importance.

Material Science Innovation and Modelling

MaSIM focuses on research and development of materials, metal initiatives and nanotechnology initiatives to solve industry-related problems on a regional, provincial and national level.

Pure and Applied Analytics (PAA)

PAA’s overarching aim is to conduct fundamental research regarding the foundational principles and paradigms of the Mathematical and Statistical sciences and their applications at an internationally competitive level to the advancement of scientific knowledge.


Research Niche Areas

Niche area for Food Security and Safety

FSS conducts fundamental and applied research in the fields of Agriculture, Biological Sciences, and Environmental Sciences, and develop innovative methods to ensure food security and safety.


Research Groups:

African Amphibian Conservation Research Group

The African Amphibian Conservation Research Group addresses the deficiencies in conservation research of southern African amphibians in an effort to direct innovative research initiatives.

Water Research Group

The Water Research Group consists of a team of specialist aquatic biologists and ecologists that strive to make a significant contribution to the scientific understanding of the ecological processes of aquatic ecosystems on a local, national and regional scale.


Hosted Research Entities

Centre for Human Metabolomics

CHM ventures out to meet the demands of the health sector through passion, innovation, and a sound analytical service, using state-of-the-art and cutting-edge approaches.



African Centre for Disaster Studies

ACDS aims to address the research as well as training and education needs in disaster risk within southern Africa and the wider African continent.

Centre for Applied Radiation Science and Technology

In response to challenges posed by a need to diversify, expand, sustain, and maintain high quality nuclear skills across the breadth of the nation’s research and industrial formations, CARST is mandated to carry out research and build capacity for the Nuclear Industry in South Africa.

Centre for Water Sciences and Management

The Centre for Water Sciences and Management adopts a multi-disciplinary approach to assist both industry and government in addressing many of the water related problems facing South Africa.

Science Centre

The Science Centre is an educational institution that supports schools, teachers and – most important – learners who are studying mathematics, science and technology.