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SGI-SA  has been at the forefront of developing games for educational purposes since its inception in 2011.  SGI-SA is the first, and to date, only institution of its kind in SA (possibly Africa as well).


SGI-SA strongly believes that we have moved into a new era where today's students are no longer enthralled by the "talk and chalk" teaching methodology of old; they are after something refreshing. To this end, SGI-SA is constantly looking to leverage our compliment of lecturing staff with PC-based or mobile games that can be incorporated as part of the lessons.  Universities pride themselves greatly in being at the sharp end of developing new concepts and solutions.


As a research body of the highest distinction in the fields of Electronic Games Based Learning (EGBL) and Mobile Tech, SGI-SA aims to provide Africa with tools suited to our continent's training needs and conditions. SGI-SA's research activities provide an environment of unsurpassed distinction for nurturing prominent specialists in these fields.


Other than teaching and research, universities also play an important role in a region's business activity. SGI-SA is continuously involved in commercial projects, bringing the latest EGBL and Mobile solutions to clients in a myriad of sectors and industries ranging from banking, health and right through to heavy engineering. These tools come in the form of reusable technologies (adaptable to many scenarios) or as bespoke interventions that address key concepts and situations unique to the subject company.



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