New Agricultural Sciences degrees on the Potchefstroom Campus:

  • BSc (Agric) with Agricultural Economics and Agronomy (2FD K05 N401P)
  • BSc (Agric) with Soil Sciences and Agronomy (2FD K06    N401P)

About the degrees:

Are you interested in the agricultural sciences and getting involved in farming, agricultural businesses, agricultural services, agricultural research and academics? Then the BSc (Agric) programs may well be for you, providing you with high quality, modern training to become an agronomist, soil scientist or an agricultural economist. 
Two new four-year programmes were developed focusing specifically on Agronomy, Soil Sciences and Agricultural Economics.

a. BSc. (Agric) with Soil Sciences and Agronomy
b. B.Sc. (Agric) with Agricultural Economics and Agronomy
These programmes will address the specific needs within the predominantly summer grain regions, such as scientifically advanced precision farming amongst others.
Students will be able to register from January 2019 for two new BSc (Agric) programmes in the School of Agricultural Sciences, at the Potchefstroom Campus of the NWU. This follows an urgent need for teaching and research in agriculture in the region, addressing top priority food security issues.
This degree has been designed to equip students with the high-level skills required in the advanced world of farming and research. With this degree as a starting point, students will be able to pursue Masters studies in either of Agronomy, Soil Science or Agricultural economics.

Minimum requirements:

  • National Senior Certificate with university exemption
  • Minimum APS-count of 22
  • Mathematics and Physical Science on level 4 (50 – 59%)
  • 4 years
  • Potchefstroom Campus, NWU
  • Candidates who are in possession of matriculation results from foreign educational systems must meet the requirements for admission to degree study as determined by the Joint Matriculation Board.

Programme Layout:

BSc in Agriculture with Soil Science and Agronomy:


BSc in Agriculture with Agricultural Economics and Agronomy:

Contact the School of Agricultural Sciences on the Potchefstroom Campus:

Program coordinator/Agronomy

Prof H van Hamburg

Tel: 018 2994376

Agricultural Economics

Dr Johnny van der Merwe

Tel: 018 2852393

Geology and Soil Sciences 

Danel van Tonder

Tel: 018 2991092

Undergraduate Administration 

Mrs Chanel Du Preez

Tel: 018 2994213