African Amphibian Conservation Research Group - Prof Che's PhD.


Prof Che's PhD. Candidates

Pria Ghosh

Position:        PhD. student
Expertise:     Bd lineages
Office:             Department of Infectious Disease Epidemiology, St Mary's campus, Imperial College London

Short Biography:

She is a PhD student at NWU and Imperial College London, supervised by Ché Weldon (NWU), Mat Fisher (Imperial College London) and Kris Murray (Imperial College London). She is researching the ecological interactions and distributions of Bd lineages, with a particular focus on BdGPL and BdCape in South Africa. Her interest is in establishing whether lineages are likely to be co-existing or competing with each other when they meet in a host population with a view to increasing our understanding of how the movement of pathogen strains around the world could impact disease epidemiology and host survival.