About us

Welcome to the Focus Area for Material Science Innovation and Modelling 

Material Science Innovation and Modelling (MaSIM) has endeavoured to become a leading research and development centre in the area of materials, metal initiatives and nanotechnology initiatives to solve industry-related problems on a regional, provincial and national level.

Their strategic aim is to create an enabling environment for the realisation of strategic objectives of the South African government by supporting the long-term development of:

  1.  advanced materials,
  2.  Nano Science,
  3.  Nano Technology and
  4.  renewable energy/modelling research, while developing human capital and supporting infrastructure in the province.

The Focus Area believes that these aspirations will be achieved by conducting fundamental and applied trans-disciplinary research and developing innovative methods. The entity intends to achieve the following:

(a) to bring about maximum human capital, sustainable economic growth and improved quality of life ;

(b) to enhance South Africa’s knowledge generation capacity in order to produce world-class research outputs and assist in turning some of the advanced findings into innovative products and processes;

(c) to develop appropriate human capital for science, technology and innovation in order to meet the needs of society and

(d) to build and train the next generation of researchers and enable technology development and transfer as well as knowledge interchange.

Research is conducted in many areas of specialization in Chemistry, Physics, Pure/Applied Mathematics and Computer Sciences.

The Entity comprises capable researchers from the departments of Chemistry, Physics/Electronics, Mathematical Sciences and Computer Science. It has ten (10) NRF- rated members namely Prof Eno Ebenso (B3), Prof J. Moori (B2), Prof. Khalique (C2), Prof Noutchie (Y2), Prof. Otafudu (C3), Dr. Le (C1), Prof. Mawire (Y2), Prof. D. Onwudiwe (Y2), Prof. Bahadur (Y2) and  Dr. A.A. Gidelew (Y2). MaSIM research focus area has 14 permanent staff members which include full professors, research professors, associate professors and senior lecturers. There are also 10 postdoctoral fellows, several honours, masters and doctoral students.

Some members of the research entity are highly respected members of their respective academic and professional associations namely Royal Society of South Africa, Academy of Science of South Africa, London Mathematical Society, Royal Society of Chemistry etc.