Research projects

Staff and students work in the following research groups/subthemes:

  • Electrochemistry, kinetics, adsorption, thermodynamics of corrosion prevention in materials. Computer Modelling and Simulation / Quantum chemical / molecular modelling and theoretical studies of compounds used for corrosion inhibition using density functional theory (DFT) and other semi-empirical methods. Material theory, modelling and simulation of structural defects.Thermodynamics of solutions.
  •  Biomaterials, synthesis and application of nanomaterials / nano-particles and sensors in corrosion prevention and water purification / treatment. Electrochemical sensors and detection of drugs.
  • Renewable energy resources e.g. solar energy applications on materials.
  • The use of applied modelling and its applications to materials science modelling and simulations, fluid mechanics, colloidal phenomena and bioseparations, multiphase systems, porous media and its modelling ; Representation Theory of Finite Groups, Character Tables of Extension. Groups, Clifford-Fischer Matrices, Presentations of Group Extensions. Coding and application of Finite Groups to Combinatorial Designs and Finite Geometries. Symmetries and conservation laws, Group Classification, Approximate symmetries, Stochastic Finance, applications of differential equations to other fields.