Careers in Physical and Chemical Sciences

Where can you work?

Obtaining the qualification BSc in Physical and Chemical Sciences offers you diverse career opportunities available in various industries and organisations, such as:

  • Petrochemical industry (SASOL, AECI, OMNIA, Sentrachem, SAB)
  • Universities and secondary schools
  • Government organisations (SABS, MRC, NECSA, MINTEK)
  • Pharmaceutical industries
  • Water boards
  • Forensic laboratories
  • Textile industry
  • Agriculture sector
  • Plant & Process managers
  • Laboratory assistants
  • Chemical analyst and/or modulator

Biochemistry is an 'enabling' subject. It is vital for careers in:

  • Science Councils: ARC, MRC, CSIR, NICD
  • Academia: Universities and Universities of Technology
  • Food and Wine Industry: SAB, Anchor Yeast, IWBT
  • Industry: SAPPI, MINTEK
  • Pharmaceutical Companies: Roche, Pfizer
  • Pathology Laboratories: Ampath, Lancet, PathCare
  • Biotechnology Companies: KAPA Biosystems, Synexa, LifeTechnologies
  • Vaccine development: Deltamune, Biovac
  • DST

Physicists are needed in the following fields/institutions:

  • NECSA (Nuclear Energy Commission of South Africa) e.g. the manufacture of silicon discs by method of radiation with the Safari-1 reactor
  • ARC; Agricultural Research Council for general development of applicable technologies
  • HartRAO; Hartebeeshoek Radio Astronomic Observatory for research
  • IMT; Geo physicist, oceanic and space technology at the Institute of Maritime Technology
  • MRC; medical research (including hospitals) with focus on radiation technology (health physicist)
  • NVS; National Accelerator Centre for research and radiation technology
  • SAAO; Research in astronomy and astro physics
  • SABS; Development of technologies implemented by the South African Buro of Standards
  • SAWB; Development of weather and climate models
  • CSIR; Council for Scientific and Industrial Research in development of various technologies such as aerodynamics and laser technology
  • Eskom; Nuclear reactor industry such as Koeberg and Palindaba
  • SADF (South African Defence Force) Technology development and lecturing at the Military Academy in Saldanha
  • De Beers Industrial Diamond Division (now Element Six)  Basic and applied research on diamonds
  • Telkom; Telecommunication, satellite technology, optic fibre, laser technology and nano technology

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