Student Simposium 



The program for 2017 first years welcoming and registration will be posted by December 2016. Students within the Faculty of Natural Sciences can contact ms Ashleigh Pieterse at 018 299 2711 for urgent queries. 

Mini-Open Day 2017

The North-West University will host its annual Mini-Open Day on 15 February 2017. Prospective students will choose which faculty they would like visit after which they will visit the ASA-stalls in Lover's Lane to chat about study options with our current students.

Prospective students attending the Mini-Open Day who would like to review the Faculty's presentation, or who would like to download the presentation to refer back to it after the Mini-Open Day, can do so by clicking here. If you have misplaced your subject advisor list, please click here

Links to the various schools are listed below for your convenience:

Keep an eye on our news page and Facebook page to see how the day progressed! 

Faculty of Natural Sciences Career Day

Date: 9 March 2017

Place: Building G1

North-West University Open Day

Date: 6 May 2017


Prospective students are welcome to attend our information sessions and meet with our subject advisors. Further information regarding the NWU open day will be made available in 2017. Should you have any queries regarding a BSc or BArt Scien degree within the Faculty of Natural Sciences please contact Ms Ashleigh Pieterse (Senior Liaison Officer) at 018 299 2711 or Mrs Heleen Swart (Faculty Manager) at 018 299 2304.