About us

Welcome to the School of Physical and Chemical Sciences 

The School of Physical and Chemical Sciences (SPCS) provides relevant, value-driven training which prepares students for the industry.  The School's expertise is divided into three subject  groups, namely Biochemistry, Chemistry, and Physics.

The collaboration of these three disciplines under one umbrella constitutes a well-rounded structure for multi-disciplined training and innovative, world class research. The compilation of Honours courses serves as a challenging programme where students are prepared for postgraduate studies and are exposed to research methodology within the different subject groups of the  School of Physical and Chemical Sciences at the NWU.

These programmes equip the student with intellectual and practical skills in Physical and Chemical Sciences. Successful study, especially postgraduate study, in one of these programmes offers exciting opportunities in research and development, teaching in higher and secondary education sectors, quality control, marketing and sales, as well as management and consultation in these specialised fields.