Introducing the NMP

The NMP is a cutting-edge technology platform that allows for the study of human metabolism on a large scale. The platform is funded by the Technology Innovation Agency (TIA) and hosted at the NWU’s Centre for Human Metabolomics (CHM). The CHM was selected as the ideal location to host the NMP due to its extensive expertise and experience in human metabolism.

Developing a world-class service on South African shores

The NMP has been set the task of growing metabolomics in South Africa from an emerging science to a well-established and competitive service offering in both national and international markets.

The NMP has been working to develop metabolomics capabilities within South Africa for the past ten years and has become a centre of excellence in its service offerings. The NMP has also contributed to the development of expertise within South Africa, which has allowed for the highly complex and sophisticated GCMS and LCMS analysis that is required for metabolomics research.

Results that you can rely on

The NMP's contract research services laboratory offers national and international clients research services that are aligned with International Standards ISO 15189 (General requirements for Medical Laboratories) and ISO 9000 (Quality management), ensuring the highest confidence in its results.