Technology and instrumentation

Untargeted analysis

Our instrumentation for untargeted analysis, which can utilise either very little or no sample preparation, is highly selective. This allows for the separation of signals from closely related compounds in terms of mass, retention time, or fragmentation spectra. This is a powerful tool for those looking to analyse a sample without knowing the specific components beforehand.

Our instruments for untargeted analysis include:

●    GCxGC-TOFMS (to cover primary metabolites)
●    LC-IM-QTOFMS (to cover secondary metabolites)
●    NMR (to cover highly abundant metabolites)

Targeted analysis

Targeted analysis is a type of analytical technique that is used to specifically extract or isolate a compound of interest from a sample matrix. This compound is then selectively quantified using its unique retention time, mass, electromagnetic absorbance and/or magnetic resonance characteristics. Targeted analysis is a valuable tool in many different fields, as it allows for a more precise and accurate analysis of a sample.

Our instruments for targeted analysis include:

●    LC-MS-MS
●    GC-MS
●    HPLC (UV/vis detection)
●    Ion Trap
●    CE (UV/vis detection)
●    NMR

Semi-targeted analysis

For semi-targeted analysis, we use a variety of instruments to selectively analyse metabolite sets. This allows us to identify and characterise the metabolites of interest, and to obtain accurate and precise measurements.

Our instruments for semi-targeted analysis include:

●    LC-MS-MS
●    GC-MS