Services offered

The Metabolomics Platform has the following commercial and research services available based on the different metabolomics approaches (sorted in 4 categories)

  1. Metabolic profiling or metabolome blocking (targeted analysis of compounds related by class, pathway or function)
    1. Amino acid analyses
    2. Acylcarnitine analyses (acylglycines and acylglucuronides can be included for an additional cost).
    3. Organic acid analyses
    4. Fatty acid methyl ester analyses (lipid bound fatty acid profiling)
    5. S-adenosylmethionine pathway analyses
    6. NMR Targeted metabolite(s) profile
  2. Untargeted analysis of primary and secondary metabolites
    1. LC-MS (liquid chromatography – mass spectrometry) analysis in positive and/or negative ionization mode is fit to screen metabolites belonging to the secondary metabolism.
    2. GC-MS (gas chromatography – mass spectrometry) analysis of silylated compounds covers mainly the metabolites belonging to the primary metabolism.
    3. H1-NMR (nuclear magnetic resonance) analysis is also fit for metabolites belonging to the primary metabolism that are in high concentrations.
  3. Method development and targeted analysis of compound(s) of interest.
  4. Statistics and bioinformatics


Turnaround time

The turnaround time for services 1 should be less than a month (depending on the number of samples and instrument availability). Turnaround time for service 2 should be less than 2 months (depending on number of samples and whether identification of important compounds is essential). Turnaround time for the third service should be no less than 6 months and depends on whether standards are available or easily synthesized.



Output of the first 3 services is a data table containing the relative concentrations (or normalized intensities) of the measured compounds in the given samples. The 4th service can be selected as an additional (add-on) service where the data in the data table is processed with appropriate statistics and the relevant metabolic changes given in addition to the data table.


Fields of Research



Potchefstroom Laboratory
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