Research Team - Interns





Oarabile Masekwameng


Mantlhwa Oarabile Louisa Masekwameng became a member of the Climatology Research Group at North-West University in January 2024. Holding an Honorary Degree in Urban and Regional Planning from the same university, her academic journey has been driven by a passion for bridging the gap between climatology studies and effective planning solutions. Her research focuses on investigating the degree to which urban planners incorporate weather and climate variables into their decision-making processes. The overarching goal is to identify potential solutions that can mitigate the impact of hazardous events, preventing vulnerable states within communities through climate-informed planning strategies.  
Beyond her academic pursuits, Mantlhwa is a versatile individual who has honed her skills as a qualified barista accredited by the Specialty Coffee Association. She adeptly balances her research commitments with a part-time role at Toro Coffee Bar, showcasing her ability to excel in diverse environments. With a commitment to continuous learning and a resilient spirit, Mantlhwa aims to complete her internship and master's program while acquiring new skills, ensuring that her CV remains enriched with valuable experiences.  
This vivacious individual is not only a scholar but also a fitness enthusiast, embodying the perfect blend of intellect and energy. Mantlhwa's commitment to her research is as robust as her dedication to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Her eagerness to learn, coupled with a keen interest in the characterization of air quality and climatology in urban regions, aligns seamlessly with the research focus of the Climatology Research Group.  Mantlhwa's dedication, resilience, and enthusiasm make her a valuable addition to the academic and professional landscape as she navigates the challenges of her chosen field with unwavering determination. 



Thato Phala

  Mr. Thato Phala is currently serving as an intern with the Climate Research Group (CRG) at North-West University (NWU). He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology and Geography, as well as a Bachelor of Science Honours degree in Environmental Sciences with Geography and Environmental Management, both from North-West University.
His academic background and professional interests include air pollution, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), and waste management. Notably, Mr. Phala's research has centered on the investigation of open waste burning's impact on air pollution in Oranjeville. This comprehensive study involved utilising GIS for spatial representation of open waste dumping sites, waste characterisation, and estimating the contribution of open waste burning to overall air quality. 
Beyond his academic pursuits, Mr. Phala is driven by a deep passion for environmental conservation and a commitment to addressing health-related issues associated with environmental challenges. His multidisciplinary background and research focus underscore his dedication to contributing meaningfully to the field of environmental sciences.