Key Equipment


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Custom-made combinatorial pulsed vapour deposition apparatus from PVD Products for the synthesis of 64 electrocatalysts (8 x 8) employing up to four different sputter sources.  This allows for the synthesis and electrochemical characterisation of binary, tertiary, and quaternary electrocatalysts.  Hotspots can be further refined by sputtering onto 16 (4 x 4) glassy carbon disk inserts for the electrochemical characterisation by RDE (Rotating Disk Electrode) and RRDE (Rotating Ring Disk Electrode) studies.
*Images required.  64 Channel Arbin MSTAT potentiostat for the simultaneous electrochemical testing and screening of 64 electrocatalysts.

1 x BioLogic Science Instruments’ VMP3 multichannel Potentiostat with EC-Lab Software, 20 Amp Booster Channel, Impedance capable.

2 x BioLogic Science Instruments’ VSP Double Channel Potentiostat with EC-Lab Software, 4 Amp Booster Channel, Impedance capable.
1 x BioLogic Science Instruments’ SP-150 Single Channel Potentiostat with EC-Lab Software.

Allows RDE and RRDE studies with Impedance.

1 x Ivium CompactStat bipotentiostat, Impedance capable.

1 x Pine Research WaveDriver bipotentiostat.
  Apart from the 64-channel potentiostat all potentiostats are equipped with Pine Research’s electrode rotators to allow RDE and/or RRDE investigations.


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Solar simulator and associated cells for the testing of photo-electrocatalysts.

Spectrophotometry and Autotitration

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Analytik Jena S-600 Diode Array UV/VIS Spectrophotometer with Hyperquad Speciation Modeling Software.

Metrohm Double Buret Potentiometric Autotitrator with Hyperquad Speciation Modeling Software.


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Binder vacuum oven

MTI high temperature gas flow-through oven

Allwin21 Corp AccuThermo 610 rapid thermal annealing oven