• Mr. Simon Isaiah was awarded the NRF-NUFFIC (split–site) Doctoral Scholarship on 10 September 2019. This 4-year scholarship is aimed at a joint PhD degree between the North-West University and Vrije University Medical Centre in which Mr Isaiah will work closely with Dutch collaborators by means of two 1-month period visits to the Netherlands for 4 years.
  • The Dutch foundation ‘Mr. Willem Backhuys Roozeboom Stichting’ that is involved in TB research has provided full funding for the PhD projects of Mr. Simon Isaiah “Urinary metabolomic profiling for better characterization, diagnosis and treatment response in paediatric Tuberculous Meningitis” and Ms Abisola Regina Sholeye “Tuberculosis Meningitis: central nervous system granuloma differentiation using proteomics and metabolomics”.
  • National Research Foundation-Thuthuka award
  • Technology Innovation Agency (TIA)
  • Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation