Curriculum Control and Registration


What is curriculum control and registration and how do I do it?

Curriculum control refers to the process by which Faculty Administrators and/or subject advisors assist students in choosing the modules that they must register for. Registration refers to the online form where students select these modules and submit the form to be formally registered as a NWU students. These modules are the subjects that you must take for the year.

Follow these steps to complete curriculum control and registration:

  1. Make sure your minimum fees have been paid or that you have made the necessary arrangements with the finance department.
  2. Reference the NWU R&O programme to ensure on which dates you must complete curriculum control and registration. FNAS First Years are are encouraged to register online from 25 January to 16 February. All registrations, curriculum control and student requests will be able to be done by students themselves online. If you struggle, you can visit your Faculty Administrators or Subject Group Chairs for assistance.
  3. Check your application status here (this will indicate what course you have been accepted to study and for which you must register). 
  4. Check your course details here (this will indicate what modules you must register for).
  5. Proceed to online registration. The online registration form will ask you to tick off what modules you want to register for. Tick all the modules listed in your course details. Make sure you register the whole year’s modules and not just one semester.
  6. If you have any questions or concerns please contact you faculty advisors (information at the bottom on this page) or the subject group leaders (Potchefstroom Campus | Mahikeng Campus | Vanderbijlpark Campus).
  7. Download your class time table here

If you want to add/drop modules:

If you made a mistake while registering online by either registering for modules that you must not be registered for, or not registering modules that you must be registered for, you can add/drop these modules via the NWU DIY App. You will have to be a registered student to make use of this service.

Students may also add additional modules to their curriculum if they want to. In order to do this, you must first register and then apply to add a module via the NWU DIY App.

If you want to change your course:

  • First register for your approved course.
  • Visit your Faculty Administrator and request a change of course.

Other student requests:

  • Visit your Faculty Administrator.