Equipment Booking

Procedure for Booking

Steps to follow:

  1. Register to use equipment by filling the online registration form in drop down menu - this is a once off annual requirement for all the users of the laboratory.
  2. Fill in Analysis Request and Sample Quetionnaire forms available on the drop down menu and await date and time allocation from LEM satff
  3. Deliver your samples to the LEM as requested.

Take note of the following:

- Please notify us if you publish work containing any images taken in the LEM!

- It is a requirement that you provide LEM staff with an electronic copy of any publication which arises from use of LEM equipment.

- Your research output helps the LEM  staff identify any areas where further assistance or better instrumentation may be offered.

- Any published research using LEM instruments should include the following acknowledgement statement: “The authors acknowledge use of the Laboratory for Electron Microscopy at North West University.”