About us


  • Be nationally leading and relevant as well as internationally recognised.
  • Engage in research which is of current significance.
  • Establish and advance a knowledge-base in each of our sub-disciplines.
  • Make a valuable contribution to the South African academic environment.


Strategic aims

  • To consolidate expertise in our current research foci.
  • To build on the unique skill set at NWU by exploring cutting edge new fields which integrate this expertise.
  • To build capacity in fields of current relevance like the mathematics of quantum field theory, environmental mathematics and the mathematics of risk analytics.
  • To encourage the growth and development of young and emerging researchers through mentorship and access to financial support.
  • To create a forum for lively academic debate.
  • To showcase emerging fields and provide basic access to these fields to interested graduate students at a national level.


Scope of enquiry

  • Functional analysis, Operator Theory and Applied Linear Algebra.
  • Algebra, Topology and Combinatorics.
  • Mathematical Physics and related Mathematical Structures.
  • Modelling
  • ODE’s, PDE’s and Dynamical Systems.
  • Nonparametric methods
  • Goodness-of - fit testing and change point problems
  • Financial Statistics