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This project was supported by a grant from the IMU-CDC Conference Support Program, which is partially supported by the Abel Board.





The Mathematical Modeling Mini Courses (3MC) project provides a series of postgraduate mini courses that aims to enhance the knowledge and skills of students mainly at African universities. Most postgraduate students at African universities do purely research-based studies (MSc or PhD) without any form of coursework, and as a result struggle to understand advanced concepts and techniques required for their research. However, the covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the value of mathematical models in the fight against diseases, making it al the more relevant that the new generation of researchers is trained to use the latest modeling techniques and methods.

The Mathematical Modeling Mini-Courses (3MC) has been designed to contribute in addressing the above observed challenges in Africa. The main aims are:

  • Equip postgraduate students and early researchers with modeling skills (in various disciplines), and with fundamental mathematical tools used in the analysis of mathematical models

  • Foster collaborations between African scholars in Applied Mathematics

  • Provide a platform for interaction and support

  • Initiate a dialogue on how mathematical modeling can be promoted in addressing socio-economic problems in Africa


Contact: With any questions or comments, please contact one of the organizers


Organizing Committee:tee:


Scientific Committee:tee:

  • Julian Arino (University of Manitoba, Canada)

  • Sanne ter Horst (Chair, North-West University, South Africa)

  • Mahamat S Daoussa Haggar (University of N'Djamena, Chad)

  • Stephanie Portet (University of Manitoba, Canada)

  • Patrick M Tchepmo Djomegni (North-West University, South Africa)