Applied Mathematics Seminar - Potchefstroom

The seminar aims to create/start important diverse and inclusive platform for colleagues to discuss new research developments and share ideas to motivate each other to continue doing research. The interaction during these meeting should aim at the following:

Collaborative projects between colleagues.
Create a working environment that allows colleagues to support each and help each other to improve their ongoing projects.
Be a forum for the exchange of ideas and for interactions among members of the department.

The seminar seeks to share ideas on how to apply mathematics to real life situations, thus solve real life phenomena.

Venue: G3-122

Time: 11:00 on Wednesdays

Contact Dr G Magalakwe or Dr G Marewo for information

Statistics Seminar - Potchefstroom

The aim of this seminar is to provide a forum for the discussion and exchange of important ideas surrounding research in statistics. A wide range of theoretical and applied topics are covered and, although experienced researchers are welcomed, the series is aimed at assisting younger researchers at the beginning of their career. The discussions are informal and we hope to create a welcoming atmosphere for all.

Time: Thursdays at 11:00. 

Scheduled talks: 13 April, 18 May, 24 August, 14  September, 19 October

Venue: PC-G3 218

Contact: Roelof Coetzer 

Pure Mathematics Seminar - Potchefstroom

This seminar has a two-fold objective:

Firstly as a forum for sharing ideas and interesting new mathematical constructs and ideas you have noticed,
and secondly as a forum where as a group we can study a particular new emerging topic.

We hope to create an atmosphere of rich debate where we can help each other to rediscover the power and beauty of mathematics, which is also accessible to a wide audience. To start off with we hope to investigate the concept of quantum groups.

Venue: PC-G3-122

Time: 11:30 on Thursdays

Contact Prof P Ntumba or Dr G Goosen for information