Mathematics Induction Course


All information regarding the Mathematics Refresher Course including what it is, who must take it, why certain students have to take it, its programme and the contact persons for the course are provided below.



Aim of the Mathematics Induction Course

The main purpose of the MICfM1/4 is to help first year students to adapt to the high pace of first year Mathematics and to improve the pass rate. To cope with the fast pace and the large quantity of work, the MICfM1/4 is of utmost importance. Work done at school is revised and new concepts are discussed. These concepts are frequently used during the year, so students will understand it easier since it has already been presented during the MICfM1/4.

The modules MTHS111/121 (Introductory Algebra and Analysis I and II) and MTHS114/124 (Applied Calculus I and II) are prerequisites for many other Mathematics and Applied Mathematics modules. This includes students who are enrolled for programs that have Chemistry, Biochemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, and Statistics as modules, as well as all engineering students. Students taking these modules can easily fall behind because their study time is extended by at least one year if they fail MTHS111/121/114/124. Engineering students and BSc students with MTHS111, cannot continue with any second year Mathematics or Applied Mathematics modules. It is therefore very important that they pass MTHS111/121/114/124 the first time.

Presentation of the Mathematics Refresher Course

The MICfM1/4 is offered during the Registration and Orientation period (R&O period) from 5 to 10 February 2024 on all three campuses from the online platform eFundi with on-campus workshops. Once you have registered as an NWU student, you gain access to this platform. See the NWU guide for first years for more information regarding the course times and venues for the different campuses.

The MICfM1/4 costs R375 and will be deducted from your NWU account by the end of March 2024. You will receive a printed workbook during the first session on 5 February 2024.

You need an exercise book of at least 192 pages, a pen or pencil, at least 50 hours, including course times, and commitment to complete the course.

The MICfM1/4 consists of online course material and exercises that you must work through once you have gained access to eFundi. The MICfM1/4 also includes a test that contributes to your final mark for MTHS111/4. If you achieve more than 70% in all the sections of this test, you can consider yourself adequately prepared for MTHS111/4. A practice test is available on eFundi.

There will be three opportunities to write the test.

  • The first opportunity is during the first on-campus session in the R&O period, Monday 5 February 2024. If you achieve at least 70% in all the sections, you do not need to attend the further on-campus sessions during the R&O period.
  • The second opportunity is during the first, class session for MTHS111/4, Tuesday 13 February 2024.
  • The third opportunity is during the fourth week of the semester, Tuesday 5 March 2024 for MTHS111 and Friday 8 March 2024 for MTHS114.

The mark from the last opportunity you write will be used.

Access to eFundi

To access the MIC eFundi page, you must do the following.

Students obliged to complete the MICfM1/4

Students admitted to the following programs have to attend the refresher course:

Students admitted to the following programs must attend the MICfM1/4:

  • Faculty of Engineering
    • Chemistry (7CG K01 - I421P)
    • Chemistry and Mineral Processing (7CG K02 - I422P)
    • Computer and Electronics (7CH K01 - I424P)
    • Electrical and Electronics (7CN K01 - I423P)
    • Electromechanical (7CL K01 - I425P)
    • Industrial (7CK K01 - I427P)
    • Mechanical (7CJ K01 - I426P)
    • Mechatronics (7CR K01 - I401P)
  • Faculty of Natural Sciences
    • Actuarial Science (2FQ H01 - N301P)
    • Agricultural Economics (2FD K01 - N401M)
    • Agronomy and Horticulture (2FD K04 - N401M)
    • Animal Health (2FD K07 - N401M)
    • Animal Science (2FD K03 - N401M)
    • Applied Mathematics and Chemistry (2FF H13 - N301P/M)
    • Applied Mathematics and Electronics (2FF H14 - N301M)
    • Applied Mathematics and Mathematics (2FG H03 - N301M)
    • Biochemistry and Chemistry (2FF H06 - N301P/M)
    • Botany and Biochemistry (2DK H02 - N302P/M)
    • Botany and Chemistry (2DJ H03 - N302P/M)
    • Business Analytics (2FR H01 - N301P/V)
    • Chemistry and Computer Science (2FF H31 - N301M)
    • Chemistry and Geography (2DJ H18 - N301M)
    • Chemistry and Mathematics (2FF H11 - N301P/M)
    • Chemistry and Physics (2FF H05 - N301P/M)
    • Chemistry and Physiology (2DK H06 - N302P)
    • Chemistry, Mathematics and Applied Mathematics (2FF H22 - N301P)
    • Computer Science and Economics (2FF H28 - N301P/V)
    • Computer Science and Electronics (2FF H17 - N301M)
    • Computer Science and Mathematics (2FF H09 - N301P/M/V)
    • Computer Science and Statistics (2FF H26 - N301P/V)
    • Electronics and Mathematics (2FF H19 - N301M)
    • Electronics and Physics (2FF H20 - N301M)
    • Financial Mathematics (2FS H01 - N301P/V)
    • Geography and Applied Mathematics (2FF H30 - N301P)
    • Geography and Computer Science (2DJ H14 - N301M)
    • Geology and Chemistry (2DJ H07 - N302P)
    • Information Technology and Computer Science (2DX H01 N302P/V) if MTHS111 is elected
    • Mathematics (2FG H01 - N301P)
    • Mathematics and Economics (2FF H29 - N301P/V)
    • Microbiology and Biochemistry (2DK H11 - N301P/M)
    • Microbiology and Chemistry (2DJ H10 - N301P/M)
    • Physics and Applied Mathematics (2FF H24 - N301P/M)
    • Physics and Computer Science (2FF H25 - N301P/M)
    • Physics and Mathematics (2FF H23 - N301P/M)
    • Quantitative Risk Management (2FT H01 - N301P/V)
    • Statistics and Mathematics (2FG H02 - N301P/V)
    • Urban and Regional Planning (2FE K01 - N401P)
    • Zoology and Biochemistry (2DK H07 - N302P)
    • Zoology and Chemistry (2DJ H04 - N302P)
  • Faculty of Health Sciences
    • Physiology and Biochemistry (8DJ H01 - G301P)
  • Faculty of Arts
    • Any BA with Mathematics as elective
  • Students appointed by the Admission office or Faculty Manager to attend the course for possible admission

Contact us

Potchefstroom campus:

Mariette Hitge: or 018 2992579


Vanderbijlpark campus:

Amukelani Tivane: or 0169103556


Mahikeng campus:

Soga Mkiva: or 0183892402

Download information as PDF document

Click here to download the Mathematics Refresher Course important information as a PDF document.

Click here for the Afrikaans version.

Course sessions

Sessions are presented in person on each campus.

Please follow your campus specific R&O Guide for presentation venues on your campus.