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Statistical Consultation

The Statistical Consultation Services of the Potchefstroom Campus of North-West University (SCS) has been in existence since 1980. 

SCS provides assistance to:

  • North-West University post graduate students and personnel.

  • Other universities’ post graduate students and personnel.

  •  Any private sector clients (persons and institutions not affiliated with any university). 

SCS renders the following services:

  • Assistance with the planning of research projects.  This may include statistical planning of clinical trials and surveys by means of experimental and random sampling designs.

  • The review and sign-off of ethics applications.

  • Questionnaire review in terms of face validity.

  • Guidance with regards to data collection.

  • Statistical analysis and data mining by means of suitable computer packages, including SPSS and STATISTICA.

  • Assistance with the interpretation of processed results.

  • Assistance with regards to publications.

  • Review of the final report or article.

*SCS can only assist with the quantitative aspects of research.


SCS recommends that clients should consult with SCS during planning stages of a research project, and not only after data are collected. Also, if it is a student project, then the supervisor / promoter must accompany the student during the first consultation.

Short Courses:

Several accredited short courses in Statistics are also available.

  • They consist of both a theoretical and a practical component. The practical component is performed in statistical computer software packages such as STATISTICA, SPSS and R.
  • Short courses can also be tailor-made for companies to satisfy their individual training needs in terms of content, statistical analysis software, course length etc. 
  • These could also be presented in-house if more than fifteen delegates attend.

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