EOAs: Spatial Planning, Development and Implementation

Prof. Dawie Bos

Appointment: Extra-Ordinary Associate Professor
Telephone: +27 82 781 2385 / +27 14 572 9489
E-mail: dawie@maxim.co.za
Affiliation: Maxim Planning Solutions Pty Ltd., South Africa
Expertise: Planning practise, Regional Planning, Strategic spatial planning

Prof. Das Steyn

Appointment: Extra-Ordinary Professor
Telephone: +27 82 440 9104
E-mail: dassteyn@gmail.com
Affiliation: Retired chairperson of Department Urban and Regional Planning, Free State University, South Africa. 
Expertise: Town Planning Theory, Urban Desing & Housing

Dr. Andre Brand

Appointment: Extra-ordinary Senior Lecturer
Telephone: +27 82 82 888 2093
E-mail: andre.brand.6703@gmail.com
Affiliation: Statistics South Africa, Pretoria & North-West University, Potchefstroom, South Africa
Expertise: Urban and Regional Planning

Dr. Louis Lategan

Appointment: Extra-ordinary Senior Lecturer
Telephone: +27 18 299 2486
E-mail: latlou.info@gmail.com
Affiliation: Private practice, South Africa
Expertise: Urban and Regional Planning, Low-income housing, Informal rentals, Nature-based solutions