Spatial Planning, Development and Implementation


Sub-programme leader: Prof Ernst Drewes (


Strategic Aim & Mission

The vision is to attain excellence in market related spatial and development planning needs on a research and service rendering basis.
The mission is to promote sustainable planning, development and implementation within the governmental, private sector and public spheres relating to research output transfers, contract research and leadership. The sub-programme focuses on capacity building, service delivery and training amongst all sectors of the planning fraternity.

Specific Focus

The research, planning and development focus of the sub-programme includes the following main research focuses as included in Figure 1. As can be deduced it relates to the core interfaces of urban planning, rural planning and regional planning, as well as other (related) disciplines. The main research focuses can be grouped into the following strategic research themes.

Fig 1

Figure 1: Research focusses of Spatial Planning, Development and Implementation

Research Objectives

The goals and objectives of the sub-programme include:

  • The promotion of international and national research related to sustainable spatial planning, development and implementation within all research domains, spheres of government and the private sector.
  • Co-operation with other international and national universities and research related bodies operating within the identified research focuses.
  • Enhancing a trans-disciplinary focus on research, including co-operation in all the spatial dimensions related to activities and focuses.
  • Promoting and implementing applied research to enhance training and capacity building of students, the community, industry and the planning profession.


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Last updated: 30 August 2022