Tsitsikamma Living Lab


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The Tsitsikamma Living Lab is the opportunity where we bring the theory and the practice together. It is an collaborative module with the North-West University, University of Johannesburg and University of Hong Kong.

The students in class learn about theoretical aspects related to the intertidal ecology, and also estuarine ecology.

What is important for us from a teaching and learning perspective, is that learning by doing is the most effective ways of teaching course content to students. With the living lab we are actually able to demonstrate a lot of those theories in practise.

They are exposed to the diversity that we get on the shores by exploring and identifying the animals of Tsitsikamma. Following this they have to identify any patterns on the shore by vertical zonation, and specifically look at predator prey interactions. The next step is to look at the food web as a whole considering the different energy sources, ocean, land and air. On the last day of the living lab the student also considers the different adaptions of the estuarine environment.


“By stepping out of the classroom in this beautiful natural laboratory, they get to feel and experience the enthusiasm and love for nature. They actually get to see what is in their textbooks, in real life.”

-Laura Agusto, Demostrator and PhD student, University of Hong Kong


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