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2018 Publications

Contribution nr. Year Authors Title Journal Vol. Page nr.
260 2018 Malherbe, W., van Vuren, J.H.J. & Wepener, V. The application of a macroinvertebrate indicator in Afrotropic regions for pesticide pollution Journal of Toxicology   Submitted
259 2018 Škarabot, J., Ansdell, P., Brownstein, C., Howatson, G., Goodall, S. & Durbaba, R. Differences  in  force  normalising  procedures  during  submaximal  anisometriccontractions Journal of Electromyography and Kinesiology 41 82-88
258 2018 Clifford, T., Abbott, W., Kwiecien, S. Y., Howatson, G. & McHugh, M. P. Cryotherapy  Reinvented:  Application  of  Phase  Change  Materialfor  Recovery  in  Elite  Soccer International Journal Of Sports Physiology And Performance 13 584-589
257 2018 Brown, M. A., Stevenson, E. J. & Howatson, G. Whey protein hydrolusate supplementation accelerates recovery from exercise-induced muscle damage in females Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism 43 324-330
256 2018 Blagrove, R. C., Howie, L. P., Cushion, E. J., Spence, A., Howatson, G., Pedlar, C. R. & Hayes, P. R. Effects  of  Strength  Training  on  Postpubertal Adolescent  Distance  Runners Applied Sciences 50(6) 1224-1232
255 2018 Sikkel,⁠ P.C⁠, Cook⁠, C.A., Renoux⁠, L.P., Bennett⁠, C.L.,  Tuttle⁠ L.J. & Smit, N.J.⁠ The distribution and host-association of a haemoparasite of damselfishes (Pomacentridae) from the eastern Caribbean based on a combination of morphology and 18S rDNA sequences International Journal for Parasitology: Parasites and Wildlife 7(2) 213-220
254 2018 Pheiffer, W., Wolmarans, N.J., Gerber, R., Yohannes, Y.B., Ikenaka, Y., Ishizuka. M., Smit, N.J., Wepener, V. & Pieters, R. Fish consumption from urban impoundments: What are the health risks associated with DDTs and other organochlorine pesticides in fish to township residents of a major inland city Science Of The Total Environment 628-629 517-527
253 (441) 2018 Welicky, R. L., Parkyn, D.C. & Sikkel, P. C. Host-dependent differences in measures of condition associated with Anilocra spp. parasitism in two coral reef fishes Environmental Biology of Fish 101(8) 1223-1234
252 2018 Green, D. J., Thomas, K., Ross E., Green, S. C., Pringle, J. & Howatson, G. Torque, power and muscle activation of eccentric and concentric isokinetic cycling Journal of Electromyography and Kinesiology 40 56-63
251 2018 Blagrove, R. C., Howatson, G. & Hayes, P. R. Effect of strenght training on the physiological determinants of middle- and Long-distance running performance: a systematic review Sports Medicine 48 1117-1149
250 2018 Ansdell, P., Thomas, K., Howatson, G., Amann, M. & Goodall, S. Deception improves time trial performance in well-trained cyclists without augmented fatigue Medicine & Science In Sports & Exercise 50(4) 809-816
249 2018 Brand, S. J., Erasmus, J. H., Labuschange, M., Grabner, D., Nachev,M., Zimmerman, S., Wepener, V., Smit, N. J. & Sures, B. Bioaccumulation and metal-associated biomarker responses in freshwater mussel, Dreissena polymorpha,following short-term platinum exposure Environmental Toxicology   Submitted
248 2018 Thompson, L.A., Ikenaka, Y., Yohannes, Y.B., Ichise, T., Ito, G., Bortey-Sam, N.,  van Vuren, J.J., Wepener, V., Smit, N.J., Darwish, W.S., Nakayama, S.M.M., Mizukawa, H. & Ishizuka, M. Human Health Risk from Consumption of Marine Fish Contaminated with DDT and its Metabolites in Maputo Bay, Mozambique Bulletin of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology 100(5) 672-676
247 2018  Thompson, L.A., Ikenaka, Y., Darwish, W. S., Yohannes, Y. B., van Vuren, J. J., Wepener, V., Smit, N. J., Assefa, A. G., Tharwat, A., Eldin, W. F. S., Nakayama, S. M. M., Mizukawa, H. & Ishizuka, M Investigation of genetic changes associated with field exposure to DDTs in chickens from KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa PLOS ONE   Submitted
246 2018 Clifford, T., Bowman, A., Capper, T., Allerton, D. M., Foster, E., Birch-Machin, M., Lietz, G., Howatson, G. & Stevenson E. J. A pilot study investigating reactive oxygen species production in cappilary blood after a marathon and the influence of an antioxidant-rich beetroot juice Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism 43 303-306
245 2018 Bruce, N.L. & Shimomura, M. A new species and genus of deep-water marine cirolanid isopod (Crustacea: Isopoda: Cirolanidae) from the Philippines Raffles Bulletin of Zoology   Submitted
244 2018 Mason, J., Frazer, A., Horvath, D. M., Pearce, A. J., Avela, J., Howatson, G. & Kidgell, D. Ipsilateral corticomotor rsponses are confined to the homologous muscle following cross-education of muscular strength Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism 43 11-22
243 2018 Goodall, S., Howatson, G. & Thomas, K. Moldulation of specific inhibitory networks in fatigued locomotor muscles of healthy males Experimental Brain Research 236 463-473
242 2018 Eddens, L., van Someren, K. & Howatson, G. The Role of Intra-Session Exercise Sequence in the Interference Effect: A Systematic Review with Meta-Analysis Sports Medicine 48 177-188
241 2018 Cook., C. A., Netherlands, E. C., van As, J. & Smit, N. J. Two new species of Hepatozoon (Apicomplexa: Hepatozoidae) parasitising species of Philothamnus (Ophidia: Colubridae) from South Africa Folia Parasitologica 65(004) online
240 2018 Přikrylová, I., Mašová, S., Gelnar, M., Matla, M. M., Tavakol, S. & Luus-Powell, W. J. Redescription of the genus Afrodiplozoon Khotenovski, 1981 and its only known species Afrodiplozoon polycotyleus (Paperna, 1973) (Monogenea: Diplozoidae) using a combined multidisciplinary approach Parasitology International 67 245-252
239 2018 Groffen, T., Wepener, V., Malherbe, W. & Bervoets, L. Distribution of perfluorinated compounds (PFASs) in the aquatic environment of the industrially polluted Vaal River, South Africa The Science of the Total Environment 627 1334-1344
238 2018 du Preez, G. C., Wepener, V., Fourie, H. & Daneel, M. S. Irrigation water quality and the threat it poses to crop production: evaluating the status of the Crocodile (West) and Marico catchments, South Africa Environmental Monitoring Assessment 190(127) online
237 (286) 2018 Gerber, R., Smit, N. J., van Vuren, J. H. J., Ikenaka, Y., Wepener, V. Biomarkers in tigerfish (Hydrocynus vittatus) as indicators of metal and organic pollution in ecologically sensitive subtropical rivers Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety 157 307-317
236 2018 Schwelm, J., Soldánová, M., Vyhlídalová, T., Sures, B. & Selbach, C. Small but diverse: larval trematode communities in the small freshwater planorbids Gyraulus albus and Segmentina nitida (Gastropoda: Pulmonata) from the Ruhr River, Germany Parasitology Research 117(1) 271-255

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