9 Questions with WRG authors

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In quick interviews, our authors tell us about the motivation for the studies, challenges, findings and their future research plans:

Title of the paper: The Application of a Macroinvertebrate Indicator in Afrotropical Regions for Pesticide Pollution

Journal: Journal of Toxicology

Authors: W. Malherbe, J.H.J. van Vuren, V. Wepener

Title of the paper: A century of taxonomic uncertainty: re-description of two species of tapeworms (Diphyllobothriidea) from Arctic seals

Journal: Polar Biology

Authors: B.C. Schaeffner, O. Ditrich, R. Kuchta

Title of the paper: Two new species of Hepatozoon (Apicomplexa: Hepatozoidae) parasitising species of Philothamnus (Ophidia: Colubridae) from South Africa

Journal: Folia Parasitologica

Authors: C. A. Cook, E. C. Netherlands, J. van As, N. J. Smit