Perkin Elmer elemental analyser (EA) for CHN/S and O

The Perkin Elmer elemental analyser (EA) is an analytical instrument used to determine the elemental composition of organic and inorganic samples. It is specifically designed for the analysis of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, sulfur, and oxygen (CHNSO) in a wide range of samples, including soils, sediments, plants, and tissues.

The EA operates by combusting the sample in a furnace at high temperatures and measuring the gases that are released. The released gases are then separated and detected using various methods, such as thermal conductivity and infrared detection.

The EA is commonly used in environmental science, agriculture, and pharmaceutical research for the analysis of organic and inorganic samples. It provides accurate and precise measurements of elemental composition, which is important for understanding the chemical properties and behavior of the samples.

Applications of the EA include the analysis of soil and plant samples to determine the nutrient content and quality, the analysis of organic compounds in pharmaceutical research, and the analysis of geological samples to understand the mineralogy and geochemistry of the materials. The EA is a versatile instrument that plays a critical role in many fields of research and development.