3MC Course on Anticancer Drug Modeling

Postgraduate Course:

Introduction to Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics of Anticancer Drugs

2-3 December 2021, online


Summary: This course aims to present some deterministic models used in oncology to understand the efficiency of anticancer drugs. Drugs are first transformed by body, before producing an effect on the disease. The study of the drug’s transformation is called pharmacokinetics, whereas the study of drug’s efficiency or toxicity is called pharmacodynamics. We will present examples of ODE’s systems used to model the pharmacokinetics of anticancer drugs, and examples of simple ODE’s or PDE’s systems used to predict a cancer evolution in a preclinical or clinical setting.


Invited lecturer: Prof Florence Hubert (Université Aix Marseille, France)


Registration deadline: 1 November 2021


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