Disaster Risk Science


Sub-programme leader: Prof Dewald van Niekerk (Dewald.VanNiekerk@nwu.ac.za)

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Strategic Aim & Mission

The  African Centre for Disaster Studies (ACDS) aims to address complex disaster risk and resilience building challenges in the African context, and internationally. Addressing these challenges requires an of all-systems approach.

Specific Focus

The ACDS focusses on research, training and education and community outreach in disaster risk reduction through a multi-disciplinary approach. Since 2002 the Centre has embarked on various research, training and consultancy projects at local, provincial, national as well as international level.

Research Objectives

The ACDS’s research focus is transdisciplinary in nature. We believe solving disaster risk problems requires many disciplines and an understanding of complexity in and between socio-ecologically linked systems. Our research focus on the following themes:

  • Disaster risk governance
  • Complexity and complex adaptive systems
  • Resilience building in development context
  • Multi-hazard early warning systems
  • Disaster risk communication

Research Groups

African Centre for Disaster Studies

Led by Prof Dewald van Niekerk











Last updated: 4 November 2022